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Buying or renewing your membership  


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29/04/2020 5:35 pm  

To become a member or renew your membership, please visit our page on British Cycling’s website.

CC London Membership and British Cycling Membership are separate.

Your CC London Membership fee is an annual contribution to ensure our 200 club rides a year are insured (that’s why all riders on these rides need to be members after their 3rd ride with us). The money also supports CCL-organised races, rides like our 200milers, trips like Calpe or the summer trips, socials and kit orders – and we pay membership fees to various cycling bodies. So, by paying, you basically help keep the club afloat.

Note that while we are using the BC’s membership database portal, CCL membership is not the same as your personal British Cycling affiliation which has a different set of benefits.

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