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Discounted studio gym membership for CCL  


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07/07/2020 12:23 pm  

Many of us have been able to ride indoors and outdoors, but may not have had all the necessary kit to stay strong during lockdown 🦵🏋️‍♂️💪. And it looks like access to gyms may not be coming soon.

So, I am opening up my studio gym for private use. It's not fancy, but well-equipped with: a squat rack, Olympic barbell and weight plates up to 120kg, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, a punchbag, a treadmill and various balance devices for core work. There's also a great Bluetooth speaker and USB chargers so you can play whatever workout music you desire. Chilled water and clean towels are available.

Only one person can use it at a time, and I'm asking everyone to wipe down the kit they use before they leave, which should keep it safe and clean for everyone.

It will cost £30/month for 1 workout a week, £40 for 2 and £50 for 3 workouts. However, I'm very pleased to offer a 10% discount to all CCL members 😁 The gym is in Finchley, N3, just off East End Road.

(annoyingly I can't provide a discount code via my website for technical reasons, but I can take payment offline).

If you would like to book, come take a look, or want more info, just ping me on 07703 018 110 or

Cheers - and looking forward to seeing you all on a club ride, soon. Stay strong and stay healthy!