The CC London 1000 km Challenge

What is the 1000 km challenge?
It’s a collection of 200 miles supported rides. There will be 4 in total throughout the summer with the idea of completing at least 3 of them to complete the 1000 km challenge.

The Rides
This year all rides will start and finish in London, unlike previous years when many involved a train home. The rides are

  1. Saturday 22nd May – London – Kings Lyn – London
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  2. Saturday 26th June – London – Oxford – Cambridge – London

  3. Sunday 1st August – London – Brighton – London (the long way)

  4. Saturday 4th September – London – Clacton – London

Do one, do three for the 1000 km Challenge or do them all, just get involved and enjoy some amazing rides with amazing company.

The rides are fully supported with a following car. So you can keep a bag with any spare cloths, extra food etc… and the car will meet you at all stops, and also be there for any mechanicals and such.

There will be a small cost for support and snacks.
£10 for members
£20 for non members who are also very welcome.

How to join?
Get in touch with us to express your interest.