Useful Links

Health and Safety for Cyclists

First Aid for Cyclists

A concise but very useful summary of cycling specific first aid from Cycling Weekly. 

Free First Aid App

If you prefer apps, then this provides clear and simple instructions, and it doesn’t require internet connection. 


This app enables you to provide a precise location to the emergency services using just three words. Much better than saying “half way up Robins nest hill, after the first gate by the old farm house….” You get my drift. Get the app and be prepared.

Learn CPR in 15 minutes

This is a brilliant interactive training course from the British Heart Foundation. 15 minutes of your life that will not be wasted.

Add ICE information to your phone

If you haven’t done already, then please setup ‘ICase of Emergency’ information on your phone. This will allow your fellow riders and emergency services to access your emergency contact details and medical information directly from your phone.

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