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If you are interested in joining CC London, come and ride with us before you join. Those of you who ride round regents park will be very familiar with our kit, so feel free to come and chat with us. If you want to join us on one of our weekend club rides then please complete the new rider enquiry form and we’ll be happy to advise.

You are welcome to join us on up to three trial rides before being asked to purchase a membership (this is a condition of our insurance).  To get started, just find out when our next ride is taking place, come along and make sure you introduce yourself to the ride leader or riders in the group. Feel free to ask any questions you might have. The leader will bring the group back to an agreed place (normally the start point).

Want to know what to expect? Take a look at our guide to group riding here

Or join us straight away

To join us immediately or to renew your existing membership, please visit our page on British Cycling’s website>

Membership options

  • Standard member £45
    Age: 18 to 120
  • Full Time Student £25
    Age: 18 to 120
  • Retired Over 60 £25
    Age: 60+
  • Second Claim £25
    For members of other cycling clubs
    Age: 18 to 59

Member benefits

Subsidised membership to British Cycling, for new members

Club kit – New members receive a generous discount on jerseys from our online shop equivalent to the first year annual membership fee paid (£25 or £45)

Club App – Access to Spond, our members only club app, providing the latest group rides and club news

Coaching and Guidance – we will help you improve, get the best out of your cycling and reach your goals.

Social events – yes we also like to play, it’s not just about the bike, we have many social activities throughout the year

Club trips – our organised training camps are open to members only

Structured racing programmes, help and guidance as to which races to enter and we enter as a team

Regular training rides to suit all abilities

Discounted membership of LCC London Cycling Campaign , along with other benefits

Our club kit

Club Kit

We’ve sourced good quality kit at the best possible price. It’s always good to see a fellow club member on the road, even if you don’t know them!

The club kit is available for purchase from our online shop, or you can try it on first at Bike and Run in East Finchley. Steve always has a good selection of kit in stock.

New members receive a discount voucher equivalent to the first year annual membership fee (£25 or £45) which can be redeemed against any of the CCL club jerseys. (excludes renewals and returning members)

3rd Party Liability Insurance

All prospective members receive complimentary 3rd party liability insurance for up to 3 trial club rides.

After this we expect all subscribed members to have their own appropriate 3rd party liability insurance. The simplest way to ensure this is to take out British Cycling Membership when you join CC London. The options which provide 3rd party liability insurance cover for club rides are: Ride, Race Silver and Race Gold. If you don’t plan to race, then the Ride level is sufficient.

If you don’t plan to race then you are not restricted to British Cycling however. We are affiliated with LCC (London Cycling Campaign) and our members can obtain a significant discount by using this link: and selecting CC London. But there are lots of other insurers also.

It’s important to remember that 3rd party liability insurance does not cover loss or damage to your own bike, or for injuries which you may receive. It is to protect you in case you cause damage or injury to something or someone else only.

Note: If you do use a different insurance provider than British Cycling we may ask you to confirm it is valid at your next renewal.

Worried you may not have enough experience?

All of our members can recall their ‘first group ride’. For many people it can be a bit nerve wracking, but as long you have the basics in place there shouldn’t be a problem.

Riding in a group is much more efficient than riding solo, so if you can already ride solo at approximately 13mph / 21kmh for two or more hours we should be able to find a ride for you.

You will need a road bike with gears and preferably be comfortable wearing cleats on your shoes. Don’t worry if you don’t use cleats yet, you can still ride with us, but you’ll almost certainly want to convert to cleats quite quickly. FYI, all of our members ride with cleats.

Unfortunately we are not able to instruct non-cyclists how to ride, or provide loan / rental bikes.

If you are unsure about your equipment we recommend you visit your local bike shop and talk with them first. They’ll usually be happy to give advice, especially if you buy something from them.

Or ask us in the form below:

New Rider Enquiry Form

    Do you have experience riding in a group? (required)

    We welcome non-members to join us on up to 3 rides. This is to give you the opportunity to trial us out and find out if we are the right club for you.

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